Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Math Goals

This term we had to think of a SMART goal that we will be able to achieve this term But before we decided what our goal is we had to ask our if it was

S- Small

M- Measureable


R- Realistic


(My goal is fractions knowledge e.g. counting in tenths hundreds  and thousands)

I with achieve this by asking others for help when i am stuck, and asking others for there thinking too. =)

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Rm1 decided to create a survey to see what our targets would like to buy. In our surveys we included Coulors,Animals,places,words and other things but still trying to get them towards what we want to make.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Maori Shapes

2D shapes

Circle- Porowhita

Square- Tapawharite

Rectangle- Tapawha

Star- Whetu

Oval/Ellipse- Porotitaha

Diamond- Taimana

Heart- Manawa

Triangle- Tapatoru

Spiral- Awhiowhio

3D shapes

Prism- Poro

Sphere- Poi



Pyramid- Koeko Tapawha

Triangular Prism- Poro Tapawha

The Morning Exercise

Beep Beep Beep Beep” as the alarm goes off. Time to do my morning exercise. I get into position for the press up and start.

As I get to my 25th press up I can feel the sweat about to start 26…27…. 28 the first drop strikes but there’s a lot more coming. My heart starts to beat faster.

All I can hear is my coach saying, “Keep going “ 31…32.33 I feels like I am about to collapse but I still push myself to the limit.

When I get around to my last ten everything starts to hurt from my arms to my legs but I still keep going 47…48…49 then my last one 50! I collapse to the ground and I’m not sure how to react relieved, exhausted not sure but one thing I do know is that I am really proud of my self.

Time now to get my muscles and blood back into function correctly by walking briskly. Now I can have the rest of the day to relax until the next day a waits.

Plank Shoulder Tap

Plank shoulder tap is a really easy and simple, Its like a plank but with a little twist. The plank shoulder tap helps strengthen the upper body and also the core muscles.

1) Firstly lay on your tummy with your legs together and put your hands at a 90 degree angle in front of you, slid your hands to where your elbows were then push with your hands

2) Then place the balls of your feet firmly on the ground then put your legs inline with your back

3) Finally use one hand and touch your diagonal shoulder and put your hand back  & then use your other hand and do the same thing, repeat the progress. That’s what you call a plank shoulder tap.  
Patricia D

What I Need To Work On Is:
In my video it shows me doing my backwards roll, I need to work on tucking my legs in to my tummy and hands by my neck. Also, I have to use my hands to push my body up.

What I Am Good At Is:
I improved by not making a big THUMP and almost landing on my feet instead of my knees. I Am good at being determined and having the I CAN attitude also trying my best to make it perfect.

I enjoyed giving it my best try and improving every time I practiced.

Anthony FeedBack

Anthony is training for the gymnastics festival and one of the moves that he needs to work on is the backward roll.

Anthony is practicing his backward roll. He has to practices more to master this gymnastics move.

You are good at:
Anthony you are good at having momentum when you get over and also using your hands when you do a backward roll.

Need to work on:
Anthony needs to work on tucking his legs in towards his tummy so he has a better chance of landing on his feet.

Patricia D.